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Made up of nine performers who represent a cross-section of the Winnipeg music and theatre community, Those Guys have built a reputation for dynamic, feel-good performances since 2009. Their repertoire, which ranges from The Nylons to Justin Timberlake (and everything in between), features complex (often original) musical arrangements performed without a single instrument. In 2012, Those Guys released their first studio recording, “That Album”. Their follow-up EP, “LIVE!”, was released in December 2014, followed by a holiday album, "This Christmas", in 2015. Their most recent album, “At Home”, comprised entirely of covers of songs by Manitoba artists, was released in February 2020.

“The guys take on one of my all time favorite artists here. Great job! …they really got it goin’ on and I’m so proud of you all!”

-Jerry Lawson (of The Persuasions and Jerry Lawson & the Talk of the Town)

“To see ‘Those Guys’ live is to love them. They’re brilliant. I had no idea I was into a cappella until they came along…[Those Guys] make people happy.”

-Ace Burpee, host of 103.1 Virgin Radio’s Ace Burpee Show (from Ace Burpee’s 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans 2012)




Ben Campbell studied education and music at the University of Manitoba and is now a high school music teacher when he is not on stage or in rehearsals. He has always loved making a cappella music because of the vast potential of sounds and harmonies which can be created.




Derek feels like music is in his blood. Not in the way that there’s a long line of musicians in his ancestry (although his grandpa did play a pretty mean fiddle), but rather in the way that he feels it coursing through his body at any given moment at some level or other. He knows he is not alone feeling this way, and thinks that this is why music has such power to connect people to each other and themselves so beautifully. Singing with Those Guys is his single most favorite thing to do. He studied theatre at the U of W, and acts in shows with various companies on a semi-regular basis. When not doing either of those things, Derek is pretty sure he has never said no to an opportunity to play a board game or a tennis match. Anyone game?




Mike Engstrom has been singing with Those Guys since 2009, after singing with The Dubs under the direction of Marilyn Redekop. He has an enthusiastic personality and a dynamic love for singing even if he is only singing “doos” and “dahs”. Mike appreciates the freedom that music is able to give him. When Mike is not singing with Those Guys he can be found educating the young minds of today's youth in a classroom. He is a passionate teacher with an often infectious sense of humour. If you ever need a good ol’ belly laugh just watch/listen to one of Mike’s rants.

Follow Mike on Twitter: @2bMysterE




Sheldon has been singing with Those Guys since 2009. However, in the fall of 2011 he had to move to Vancouver, BC. This decision was made with a heavy heart but in doing so, he was able to dedicate himself to his other passion, drawing. While in BC, Sheldon was fortunate enough to participate in art shows, comic conventions and work alongside other like-minded visual artists. After achieving all his goals in BC, Sheldon enthusiastically moved back home to Winnipeg in the fall of 2016. He’s incredibly happy to be back on stage jamming with his much missed family…Those Guys.

Follow Sheldon on Twitter: @SheldonVA



Vocal Percussion

Matt Baron plays the role of "human drum machine", an a cappella staple. Since high school, he's been a lover of vocal music, and has been involved in many choirs and vocal groups. During his teens, he worked to recreate drum sounds using only his voice, which now baffles and delights listeners. In 2016, Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Canadian Mennonite University, where he specialized in classical vocal performance. He also writes music, and performs on keyboards with the Winnipeg indie band FINN. In short, this guy craves and consumes music of all genres, from hip-hop, to jazz, to experimental. Matt is honoured to be part of Winnipeg's famous music scene, and can often be caught grooving out at shows around town.

Follow Matt on Instagram: @mjbearon




He spent numerous years learning about his voice under Marilyn Redekop; and feels absolutely blessed to have sung with groups like Maple Sugar (Maples Collegiate), The Dubs and currently, Those Guys. Bernie called on seven of his friends, formed Those Guys and has not looked back since.

Bernie is also active within the local theatre community. He studied Musical Theatre at the University of Winnipeg under the direction of Kayla Gordon, and is a member of local theatre company, White Rabbit Productions.

Bernie likes hugs.

He’s also a Taurus, in case you were wondering.

Follow Bernie on Twitter: @bpastorin




Wes is a singer, actor, and voice actor who feels truly privileged to be a part of the Winnipeg music and arts community. He holds a Bachelor of Music (Perf.) from the University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music, where he studied classical vocal technique. From there, he started working in musical theatre, performing with groups such as Rainbow Stage, Winnipeg Studio Theatre, White Rabbit, and Winnipeg Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Wes is also listed on the daCapo productions voiceover talent roster, having lent his talents to productions such as Supa Strikas, My Daughter Anne Frank, and Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights (Koba Entertainment). Wes joined Those Guys in 2014, and is extremely fortunate to be a part of this group. Here’s to many more years of awesome music making and unforgettable shenanigans.  

Follow Wes on Instagram and Twitter: @wjrambo




After years of being a fan of Those Guys, Darren was lucky enough to join their ranks in September 2016. Darren graduated with his Bachelor's in Music Performance from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Music in 2012, and since then has been an active member in the Winnipeg Musical Theatre and Theatre communities. He has had the honour of performing with many theatre companies in the city, including Rainbow Stage, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, Winnipeg Studio Theatre, and Dry Cold Productions, to name a few. Darren has learned so much from each of his opportunities, and Those Guys is no different. He is excited to grow more as a musician and performer, and he is forever thankful for the gift of a cappella singing that Those Guys has brought into his life.

Follow Darren on Instagram: @martensdarren




Sometimes felt more than heard, his voice can shake the room. With over fifteen years of experience in choirs, musical theatre, vocal jazz, classical voice and more, James is a jack of all trades on the music scene. However, a cappella music is his passion. After getting hooked on it in high school with the vocal jazz group DMCice, he hasn’t looked back, and has been singing with Those Guys since 2011. From smooth lines to slappin’ da bass, James always looks forward to laying down the lows with Those Guys.

Follow James on Instagram: @jamesfdcampbell

Photography by Kevin McIntyre.

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