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My first summer as one of THOSE GUYS

Hey, Those Fans!

Wes here. I know we haven’t done this in a while (sorry), but we just thought we’d give you a quick update on what’s been going on with Those Guys this summer. First of all, to all of you who came to That Show (number 6), our sold out two-night show at the Park Theatre in spring, thank you! We had an awesome time, and if you missed it…I’d tell you it was nothing special, but I’d be lying. It rocked.

After that, we started the summer off right with a set at the Winnipeg Pride Festival in June. We were totally pumped to be performing for such an amazing group of people, and the Pride crowd did not disappoint. We were floored with the response, and with the Festival in general; definitely one of the highlights of the year, and the biggest audience we’ve ever sung for to boot. #LoveWins!

Those Guys at the Winnipeg Pride Festival

By the way, did you happen to catch Les Miserables at Rainbow Stage in July? If you did, you might have picked out a couple of familiar faces; Simon had everyone in stitches playing the slimy, conniving Mssr. Thenardier, and yours truly (Wes, just in case you forgot) was up on the barricade as the student Jean Prouvaire. We had a blast, hope you did too if you came out!

At the same time, Those Guys continued on our festival circuit with an outdoor set at the Cube for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. It was a boiling hot afternoon, but the audience at Old Market Square stuck it out and we had a great time in spite of our sweaty sweatiness.

It seemed like a never-ending stream of festivals. Before we knew it, we were off to Kleefeld, Manitoba, for the Kleefeld Honey Festival. We were met by an overflow of delicious home-cooked chili, and a truly exceptional audience of Southeastern Manitoban folks; hope you’ll have us city slickers back sometime!

So what’s next? Well it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I just TOLD you, would it? I can tell you, though, that we plan to hit the recording studio very soon, so keep your eyes and ears out for new Those Guys tunes in the near future. When can you see us next? Check back right here at for updates; an announcement is coming soon.

Thanks for reading, and keep listening to A Cappella!

– Wes

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