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“Where and when can I see you guys sing?”

Hey Those Fans!

The number one question I get when I talk about Those Guys is “where were those drum sounds coming from?” Shout out to Mac Taruc, all those sounds are coming directly from his mouth. I know. We can barely believe it ourselves.

But the number TWO question is “where and when can I see you guys sing?” And that’s often a lot harder to answer, because – we confess – we’ve been letting you down in that regard. We don’t sing public shows nearly enough!

I would like to announce our plan to remedy that problem. We are going to be holding a coffee-house style concert at Fools & Horses coffee shop! F&H is on Broadway and Edmonton, and it is definitely our favourite new coffee shop in the city. Our good friends at Fools & Horses have agreed to open up their doors on a Sunday night so that you can sit back with your coffee (or wine or beer!) and enjoy some of your favourite Those Guys tunes. Also, if you’re cool with it, we might make you our guinea pig audience for some new material… 😉

Oh, and check this out: if you and your friends and their friends come, we fill up the place, and everyone has a good time? This has the potential to become a regular event, so that your next chance to check out Those Guys will always be right around the corner!

The show will be on Sunday, October 25th, at 7 pm. Spread the word! We’re super excited about this. In the meantime, go hit up Fools & Horses for a coffee sometime. Tell them I sent you.

Catch ya later, – Wes

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