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Help us make a holiday album!

Hello friends!

We are currently working on a new album and hope to have it out in time for the holiday season! This is a special one as it will be our first Christmas/Holiday album.

We’re hoping that you can assist our project by pre-ordering the album through our INDIEGOGO campaign. This will greatly help us get the album out to you before Christmas. Please visit the site by clicking HERE.

Our goal is $6000.00 and you can pre-order the album for $15! This funds collected will help cover the costs of:

  • the mixing and mastering of the tracks

  • the pressing of the physical CDs

  • the mechanical licenses that may be required for certain cover songs

  • commissioning the artwork for the album cover and liner notes.

If you’d like to throw us a a bit more or a bit less than $15, please don’t hesitate as every little bit helps! If we don’t reach our mark (but we will…. *knock on wood*), don’t worry, you’ll still get your CD, but it may be delayed until next holiday season.


Keep checkin’ back for updates and hope to see you guys soon!


Those Guys

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