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... And Then There Were Nine.


Hey hey!

We've had some changes to our lineup and we thought we'd get you all up to speed as to what's happening in our world.

Last year, Simon let us know that he needed to focus more on his growing family and on his career as a director and an actor. After fulfilling his final commitments, Simon bowed out and we were sad to see him go. We love him and definitely miss the guy. Simon's presence helped us push even further than we had ever been. As much as we miss him, we're happy to see how much success he's having (he recently directed American Idiot for Winnipeg Studio Theatre and you can catch him this weekend in South Pacific presented by the WSO and Rainbow Stage). Simon, you're our brother forever... we miss your scent (that's weird, no?).

We then began a search for someone to fill that spot. That search ended as soon as it began. The timing was incredible. Original member, Sheldon Atts, was planning a move back to Winnipeg after spending the last five years living in Vancouver. We welcomed Sheldon back in to the fold at the end of last summer and we couldn't be more excited to have him (I mean, look at him... dude is a d-d-d-d-d-dimepiece. Oh yeah, and he can sing too).


Last summer, Derek decided that he would take some time and move to Montréal for about 6 months. Though it was a temporary move, we needed to find someone to fill in. Our friend Darren Martens gladly came in to help out. Darren is a friend of ours, so he fit in nicely. So nice that we decided to asked him to stick around after Derek got back (no, he didn't bring us back Montréal bagels... ugh). He accepted.


So there you have it... We are now officially a group of nine, and we're excited to find out what we can do moving forward! Next stop... THAT SHOW at the West End Cultural Centre. Got your tickets? Get 'em by clicking here.

Oh yeah! And check out this new website! Fancy, huh?

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