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Can We Introduce You to a Friend?

You're sitting in the audience, Those Guys are on stage, you're enjoying the harmonies and you're absolutely mesmerized by the swinging hips. You're wondering,

"How do they have such great moves?"

Right? At least that's what we hope is happening. It's cool if it's not, we're trying. We'll get there.

We wanted to take sometime and introduce you to a very special friend of ours.

Robyn Pooley has been part of our team from the beginning and she's responsible for a lot of our choreography (read: incredibly sexy dance moves). Moves Like Jagger? Robyn. Love You Long Time? All Robyn. All About That Bass? Yup... Robyn too! We absolutely love working with her.

Robyn Pooley is an actor and choreographer based in Winnipeg. She's been working with Those Guys since 2011 and has also choreographed the last three musicals at Glenlawn Collegiate. Most recently, you may have seen her on stage during the WSO/Rainbow Stage run of South Pacific. (Psssst! She's also engaged to Those Guys member Bernie Pastorin!)

Robyn also manages our Front of House duties when it's show time for us. She does it all! She's a sweetheart and having her on the team is invaluable to us. So if you see her out in the lobby or in the box office this weekend, please tell her that we love her! Feel free to give her a high five while you're at it!

Cheers to Robyn!

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