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Thank You and Farewell

With the energy and excitement of That Show 8 in the air, I feel there isn't a better time to let all the fans of Those Guys know how much you all mean to me. For the past 24 years, I have dedicated my musical life to the sounds and experiences of a cappella. From learning and arranging music to recording and of course, performing it, I can honestly say it truly has been a great passion of mine right from the beginning. These past nine years with Those Guys have certainly been very entertaining to say the least both on and off the stage but one of the things I love most about Those Guys is that each of us share that very same passion and take great joy in sharing it with the people we love. The love and support you have given us has been tremendous and we absolutely cannot thank you enough as without it, we wouldn't be where we are today. However, I would also like to thank you all personally and from the bottom of my heart because it has been your love and support that has not only allowed me to evolve as a member of Those Guys but you have also helped me to grow as a person and that means the world to me.

With that, I would like to officially announce my decision to leave Those Guys. As fun and exciting being in Those Guys has been, I feel life has more in store for me that I have yet to discover and that requires me to branch off. I will still be in touch with the guys and I'll be around. You might even catch me at a show but now, I get to experience what all of you have experienced for the past nine years. All that I ask is that you continue to give your love and support to Those Guys as they have a lot left in them. So, with this final bow, to Those Guys and all our fans, I thank you for all you have given me and I bid you all good beats and farewell.

Mac, Vocal Percussionist for Those Guys

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