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From Winnipeg to Vancouver to Winnipeg again... It's great to be home.

Photo by Kevin McIntyre

Well it's been a whole year since relocating from Vancouver to Winnipeg. It's been one heck of an adventure since then; making time to reconnect with old friends and making new ones. Since getting back, I've had to put my nose to the grindstone and learn a bunch of Those Guys fan favourites, and some brand-new songs. For those that remember, back in the day, I was the bass singing guy. It was a hard role to fill (not being a natural bass singer lol), and I'm loving that James is here absolutely killing it!

Those Guys in 2009. (L-R) Sheldon, Mike, Ben, Bernie, Dexter, Jeremy, Derek.  Photo by Bobby Navasca

I had my reservations, not knowing if I still had a place with Those Guys. They've come so far and become so close... I didn't want to hurt what they've worked so hard to create as a group and as a family. I was terrified to get back on stage and sing as it's been a while since doing so, and even longer since doing any solo singing. I was welcomed back with huge hugs and surrounded by love, support and happiness. I should've known better than to doubt them and myself *smiles*.

Hangin' out on a rooftop. Photo by Gio Navarro

New jobs, new homes, new faces, new friends, new family, new, new, new... everything is new. So many exciting new things, and at the centre of this maelstrom of singing, friendship, family, fear, happiness, excitement, confusion... was me.

That Show with Those Guys. Photo by Gio Navarro

The storm is settling and though the confusion and haze has lifted, the happiness and sureness has stayed. I'm incredibly lucky to have them and all of you to join me in my next steps of my life journey. I feel the love with my family. I feel the love on stage. I feel the love...

Thank you everyone. ☺ -Sheldon

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