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Hope You Don't Mind... But We're Bringing a Plus One!

Friends! We're excited to announce that our good friend Sheena Grobb will be sharing the stage with us at An Evening with Those Guys!

When we decided to put on our holiday show, we wanted to find an opener that would really fit with our idea of a warm and cosy holiday experience. We immediately thought of Sheena. This will be the third time we have performed with her, and every time we see each other it's like getting together with family.

Here's a clip from a few years ago:

We are so excited to see each other at this show. We know you'll know what we mean when you hear her.

In related news... An Evening with Those Guys is SOLD OUT! WOW! Thank you for all the support.

This show is very special to us and we look forward to it every year. Until then, stay warm and we'll see you on December 20th!

-Those Guys

About Sheena Grobb:

A songbird from the age of two, songwriter at ten, with 3 albums under her belt, a string of nominations and accolades, and an estimated 700 shows across Canada, the US, and the UK, Sheena has quietly garnered a dedicated following of those touched by her voice and music. What some people are saying: "I was introduced to Sheena about a year and a half ago... I literally sat in awe of her with tears rolling down my cheeks. My 12 year old son was simply blown away. She has the voice of an angel and literally reaches into your soul and holds you captivated. You will simply leave a better person than you came."

- Wendy Funk (listener and audience member)

“It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape. Really incredible, soulful music. She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me." - Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studio As her music continues to pick up steam, working currently with Nashville Multi Platinum Producer David Kalmusky (Journey, Emerson Drive, Vince Gill), Sheena's passion for emotional wellness education still remains a primary focus. As a TEDx Speaker, Teacher, and Health Coach - developed from 17 years of living and thriving with Multiple Sclerosis and working successfully with Dr. Doug Tataryn's acclaimed Bio Emotive Framework - Sheena is helping others connect more deeply with themselves using her music and the mindfulness tools she’s been fortunate to learn. She now helps schools deal with bullying, mental health struggles, and issues of low self esteem by offering mindfulness strategies, and provides health support for those in the early stages of auto immune disorders.

For more information visit and sign up for her mailing list to receive a FREE download. Sheena also offers FREE 30 min consultations to schools and individuals interested in her speaking and coaching. Contact

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